Oh No!

DMA Design logo created by Scott Johnston

“Welcome” is the traditional greeting, I believe. DMA Design was the most significant computer games company in Dundee. Ultimately responsible for Lemmings and later Grand Theft Auto, a case could be made for DMA being one of the most significant games developers in the world.

I worked there from 1991 to 1997, though my involvement with the main players and movers goes back as far as 1984, when we regularly met at the Kingsway Amateur Computer Club and chatted over hot chocolate and biscuits about how cool it would be to make games for a living.

I started as a graphics artist, but soon progressed to writing stories for the games and ultimately designing some games themselves. The success, or otherwise, of that will become clear in due course.

The point of this blog is to relate some of my ramblings about DMA and also to collate any information or news which I stumble across. Despite having been defunct since 2001, new items relating to DMA aren’t as uncommon as I would have thought. In the last few years, I’ve been interviewed several times on the subject, which leads me to believe that it’s not just me who maintains an interest even after all this time.

For the moment, I’ll also be adding entries from my other blog where they’re appropriate.

If you want more info about this extraordinary company, and extraordinary time period, have a look at Mike Dailly’s history of DMA Design of which I helped slightly. It’s incomplete at the moment, but contains a valuable, detailed, and pretty damn technical record of those days.