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Computer Game Exhibitions through the Ages

Steve Hammond poses with a woman dressed as a GameBoy at MOMI

“British Design 1948-2012: Innovation in the Modern Age” is a forthcoming exhibit at the V&A to “showcase the best of British design and creative talent” which happens to contain some special British computer games. But as we’ll see, it’s not the first time a Museum has displayed some of DMA’s games. From the V&A press …

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News Roundup

In which GTA gets quite a lot of coverage, given that it’s 10 years old this weekend! There’s a new article about DMA before they were big. Not sure I’d characterise DMA as not-big before they transitioned to a being of pure energy (i.e. became Rockstar). At one time DMA was the largest independent game …

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Lemmings 20th Anniversary Video

On Feb 14th 2011, Lemmings had it’s 20th anniversary from the day of release. Gary Timmons arranged a talk at Abertay University to inform the audience something of the background to the game. Although I wasn’t the official videographer, I managed to find a place to stick my camera. (That’s me taking stills in the …

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More Lemmings Graffiti

The possible Banksy Lemmings graffiti isn’t the only Lemmings graffiti to be found. I was inspired to try a quick trip to Flickr and Google, for which I came up with these. Can’t tell you much in the way of backstory, though…

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Lemmings and Banksy – Maybe

The notorious anonymous urban artist Banksy has perhaps – but only perhaps – left a tribute to one of computer games most famous characters on the wall of a car park. It is just around the corner from Abertay University, which had long had a relationship with DMA and later Realtime Worlds. Banksy Lemmings Grafitti? …

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Computer Active Quotes me on Lemmings

Computer Active has a very nice blog post about the 20th Anniversary of Lemmings; very nice because they’ve quoted me and asked nicely about using one of my photos! This is probably as good a moment as any to show off my belated joining of Flickr, to which I’ve added a selection of pics from …

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