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Computer Game Exhibitions through the Ages

Steve Hammond poses with a woman dressed as a GameBoy at MOMI

“British Design 1948-2012: Innovation in the Modern Age” is a forthcoming exhibit at the V&A to “showcase the best of British design and creative talent” which happens to contain some special British computer games. But as we’ll see, it’s not the first time a Museum has displayed some of DMA’s games. From the V&A press …

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Monster Floating Heads of Doom!

There’s a story behind that image. Of course there is; there’s a story behind every image. This particular set of gurning bitmaps I only ever saw once – and that particular fragment of the DMA story began in 1990 when I made a visit to the office in Meadowside. The original proper office had already …

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Design Wars!

DMA had a Design Department, which lived in Room 2.7 of Discovery House. The whiteboard would often seem to be the centre of creativity for the room, and to blow off some steam. I took these pics with DMA’s Kodak DC40, one of the first widely available digital cameras, which would mean the pics were …

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