Lemmings Merchandise is Go!

Lemmings Licensing (via @LemmingsPorts). After being around since 1991, Sony is bringing us Lemmings spin-off merchandise:

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has embarked on a licensing programme for the popular game, with the appointment of four new licensees.

Back in the early nineties Lemmings was pretty popular. Non-games appearances were rare but not unknown. A cartoon strip was printed in games magazine Max Overload from Dark Horse comics for example. (This inspired me to pitch for a Hired Guns comic, without success.)

One-offs included a motorised radio-controlled Lemming riding a tricycle, which was used for publicity on the opening day of DMA’s games shop, the SoftWarehouse. (As part of the opening celebration, I wrote a story on the fly, in-store, though sadly I no longer have it.)

The only other official products I know of are the posters, stickers and badges created for publicity purposes at the original launch. Though I do have a Lemmings 2 T-Shirt and personalised mug.

Mooted products are bags, keychains, plushies and wallscrolls.

Personally I think a pair of Blockers as bookends would make for the perfect gift. Or a radio-controlled balloon with Lemmings dropping from it at the touch of a button. Or even an ant-farm with Lemmings placed in the tunnels.