Lemmings Statues Appear in Dundee

A Lemmings Statue

Let’s Go!

The first I knew that something was happening was a number of Lemmings references in my Twitter stream a few days ago. Without any warning it seemed that overnight a handful of Lemmings statues had appeared, climbing over a wall.

It wasn’t until today that I was able to get the time to go and have a look for myself, camera in tow. But my timing was spot on. Not only had the weather cleared after a few days of mist, chance had favoured me.

Getting off the bus, I walked to the park where the little critters were, camera in hand, to get some snaps of my own. Many pictures had started to appear on Facebook by this point. I wasn’t the only one with this in mind, evidently, as there was a woman taking rather a lot of photos of the statues. So, dutifully, I stood back trying not to get in the way. Then it was photography time.

I heard an “excuse me” from her and immediately realised who it must be: Alyson Conway, the sculptor and so I said so, thus inadvertently giving the impression that I was a photographer from the Courier newspaper, who she was waiting on!

The Sculptor, Alyson Conway

The Sculptor

As it happened, she recognised me, I guess because her partner, Frank, is ex-DMA. So we had a nice chat about how the art project came about until the guy from the Courier arrived. The Courier has an early article.

An initial plan, if I understood correctly, was to have been for a Lemming twice the size of the ones ones in the photo, and that one of the plans was to have four more walking along the wall.

More Lemmings yet? Possibly!