A DMA Musical Medley

One of the lesser-known musical scenes is the updating of old computer game music. Most of the source material seems to be from the Commodore 64, with considerably less coming from the Amiga. On occasion I’ve downloaded tracks to listen to on a Friday night, accompanied by a few cans of beer. Even so, I’ve noticed that DMA games haven’t been particularly well served to date. Thankfully that may be about to change.

010101 Music is currently putting together a remixed collection of some the Amiga’s greatest hits. To be titled Paula, Agnus & Denise – Best of Amiga and CD32 video game music, this brings together a number of different artists. DMA Design is represented by Hired Guns, the original tracks being composed by Brian Johnston and highly acclaimed. Inclusion of what I’m told will be a medley, will depend on obtaining the permission of Sony who currently hold the rights.

For my part – as writer and chronicler of the Hired Guns characters – I had always planned on naming the tracks, as befitting my goal of increasing pretension wherever I was capable. It didn’t happened because I could never think of appropriate titles.  However, I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to do exactly that, despite almost a couple of decades passing.

Some of you may have the original MED files to hand (Yeah, yeah, I won’t ask how – other than asking if you’ve found anything that’ll play them back properly?). So here’s my “official” track title list (and in that order too!)

med.Intro “The Boundary (Hired Guns Overture)” (1m 26s)
med.Front “Worldlines Part I” (1m 46s)
med.ChSelect “Worldlines Part II” (1m 16s)
med.World “Sic Transit Gloria Mundi” (1m 06s)
med.static01 “Reconnoitre” (0m 13s)
med.static02 “Tactical Overview” (0m 09s)
med.Static03 “Detection Protocol” (1m 03s)
med.Static04 “Voices of Monsters” (0m 33s)
med.Static05 “Mission Elapsed Time” (0m 54s)
med.Death “The Wreckage of Dreams” (1m 26s)
med.Outro “Falling into the Sky (Victory Theme)” (1m 27s)

When I say official, I realise that these names aren’t official official, but they are at least very much the thing I had in my head back in 1992. And I did spend a disturbingly disproportionate amount of time coming up with them. But on the plus side, it gives me chills knowing what those titles actually mean. It may not give you chills, since I haven’t got around to telling anyone else what they mean. But trust me: it ties into the original Hired Guns story at a deep level. And if that isn’t enough to get me into Private Eye Pseud’s Corner, then I’m just not trying hard enough!