August 2011 archive

A DMA Musical Medley

One of the lesser-known musical scenes is the updating of old computer game music. Most of the source material seems to be from the Commodore 64, with considerably less coming from the Amiga. On occasion I’ve downloaded tracks to listen to on a Friday night, accompanied by a few cans of beer. Even so, I’ve …

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Lemmings and Banksy – Maybe

The notorious anonymous urban artist Banksy has perhaps – but only perhaps – left a tribute to one of computer games most famous characters on the wall of a car park. It is just around the corner from Abertay University, which had long had a relationship with DMA and later Realtime Worlds. Banksy Lemmings Grafitti? …

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Computer Active Quotes me on Lemmings

Computer Active has a very nice blog post about the 20th Anniversary of Lemmings; very nice because they’ve quoted me and asked nicely about using one of my photos! This is probably as good a moment as any to show off my belated joining of Flickr, to which I’ve added a selection of pics from …

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